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People ask where I got my interest in the Second World War, so if you`re interested here`s a little about me.......

Me at Bayeux




During the war my grandfather drove trains from Cardiff to Brixham. The Luftwaffe were bombing Cardiff, so one day he moved the family to the other end of the line, where my mother met my father.

After the war my mum's family stayed in Devon; which is where I grew up, playing war on the beaches where US GIs had practiced for the real thing.

I grew up in Torbay, where the LCTs were loaded for D-Day. I played at the anti-aircraft battery located in my home town of Brixham, which goes some way to explaining why I am so fond of the Brixham Battery Museum, and help out there when I can.

Serving nine years in the RAF, I was lucky enough to be based in Germany during the 50th Commemorations of WW2, and visited most of the major battlefields, museums and sites of NW Europe.

During this time I qualified as a tour guide at Fort Eben-Emael, Belgium.

Posted to S.Wales, I settled in Barry. Soon I discovered that this area also played a large part in the US build up for D-Day, which stimulated an interest in the town`s history.

I read extensively on the subject of WW2, and have organised many 1940s events.

I help various historical groups, such as the South West Airfields Heritage Trust.

I also participate in WW2 reenactment events, as either a US Combat Cameraman, or Royal Air Force and also First World War Royal Flying Corps..

I was a ‘Friend’ of the Normandy Veterans Association and actively support many forces charities. The main charites I actively support are BLESMA and Support Our Soldiers ( a charity that sends care parcels to serving Forces overseas.)

These are my links to the Second World War.

Ade Pitman