USN Dunkeswell

This page details the USN station at Dunkeswell, near Exeter, Devon.

A PB4Y Liberator


Today Dunkeswell is a thriving airfield

Today Dunkeswell is a thriving civilian airfield in the middle of Devon

Lying 6 miles north of Honiton and 6 miles west of Upottery airfield is the WW2 US Navy base of Dunkeswell.

The only USN base commisioned on British soil during WW2, Dunkeswell was home to PB4Y Liberators, which took part in the vital Battle of the Atlantic. These aircraft also used the nearby Upottery airfield, being based there briefly when the Dunkeswell runway was being repaired.

Today Dunkeswell is a thriving civilian airfield, with a few of the exitsing WW2 buildings still in use.


Photo of Liberator courtesy of the Trustees of the Imperial War Museum. Image FLM 1678. This image cannot be copied from this site without prior permission from the IWM.