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1940s Events & Entertainers

1940s events are becoming more popular. This section describes the various types of event and advertises events that 1939-45.co.uk are involced with.



1940s Living History is gaining in popularity; be it life on the homefront or the battlefield. Reenactors and living history enthusiasts help to recreate the look, feel and sounds of the era, preserving our nations heritage for future generations.

At these events re-enactors and period entertainers add much to the atmosphere, and currently there is a revival in the Swing Dancing of the era. With WW2 on the school curriculum in the UK, living history enthusiasts often help bring history to life in the classroom.


Highly Recomended Websites

Rod's 1940s Calandar is one of the best sources of information on 1940s events. It`s highly recommended that you check it out.

Homefront History also has a good selection of homefront themed 1940s events.